What May

WhatMay is a duo of relationship experts helping men and women in various stages of their relationships and lives attain a level of authentic intimacy that leads to confidence, focus and joy like never before. Due to WhatMay being a brand new venture for both relationship experts, a strong brand identity was needed in order to attract the right cliental. They emphasized the importance of the look and feel of the brand to be as authentic and raw as how they approach their client sessions. We began our process by taking a deep dive into each of the relationship expert’s lives and their way of thinking, being, and seeing the world. The selected wordmark communicates the main goal of WhatMay: to connect with clients in the most authentic way. Their unique perspectives inspired us to implement and emote the feeling of “rawness” through the use of a halftone wooden texture. The final color palette ties in the feeling of authenticity through the use of neutral, earth tones that communicate the feeling of peace and tranquility.